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Maintenance Request


Please use the form below to submit a maintenance request.  All requests will be handled within 48 hours of your request.  If you have a maintenance emergency, please call: (608)-206-4207.  A list of maintenance emergencies is listed below.

Your Maintenance Request Will Be Taken Care Of As Soon As Possible

Maintenance Emergencies


Our on-call maintenance professionals will be scheduled and prepared to respond to the following situations outside of the Arbor Hills posted office hours.


  • Heat – If a resident or building has no heat or the heat is malfunctioning, we will respond to remedy the situation as quickly as possible.

  • Broken Window/Door/Latch/Lock – All entries will be secured promptly.

  • Frozen Pipes – When possible, we will thaw out the pipes.  If the pipe bursts, we will address the issue immediately and all efforts will be made to stop the water flow to prevent further damage.

  • Water Leak – All water intrusions are considered a maintenance emergency.

  • No Electricity – We will identify the source of the problem and repair if possible.  If the problem is outside our control, we will make sure that Madison Gas & Electric is aware of the situation and that they are working towards solving the issue.  If the utility provider has shut off utilities for any reason, we will assist the resident in getting in touch with the provider to reactivate service.

  • Suspected Gas Leak – We will respond to any suspected gas leaks and gain contact with the utility provider.  If a gas leak is the result of tenant neglect, the responsible tenant will be charged with any fees associated with rectifying the situation.

  • Refrigerator Inoperable – We will either regain function of the current refrigerator or replace the inoperable appliance.  If refrigerator is not working because power is out and Madison Gas & Electric is working on turning it back on, we are not responsible for the inoperable appliance.

  • Toilet Inoperable – Tenant must first attempt to solve the issue on their own; a plunger is available in the basement laundry room of all Arbor Hills buildings.  If the tenant is unable to correct the situation, we will respond to assist you.  Please note, if the toilet is clogged or inoperable due to tenant neglect or misuse, the responsible party will be charged with any fees associated with fixing the problem.

  • Lock-Outs – If you are locked out of your building or apartment after hours, our emergency maintenance staff will be happy to let you in.  You may call: (608)-206-4207 to reach our on-call phone.  Please note that we will only give access to adults on lease and picture identification is required.  There will be a $50.00 charge for any after hours lock-outs.

  • Fire – Call the fire department immediately.  Dial 911 and exit the premises immediately.

If you experience any of these situations, contact our after-hours emergency maintenance phone at: (608)-206-4207.


Maintenance issues outside of those listed above are not considered an emergency.  If you experience any of these situations during normal business hours, contact the office at: (608)-276-8300 and we would be happy to take care of any maintenance issues during normal working hours.

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